School Sessions

These sessions will focus on the fundamental skills of basketball, along with learning the basic rules of the game. Children will be encouraged to reach their full potential in a fun, energetic environment. Every child at any age has the chance to improve and develop at their own pace as well as gain confidence and make new friends.

Personal Development (PD) Sessions

Junior PD and PD sessions are 'invite only' and are for children who have demonstrated a good level of fundamental skills, a great attitude and work ethic, and are showing signs of being ready for new challenges.

These sessions are fast paced and will focus on advanced skills and understanding more intricate parts of the game. It will provide greater challenges and push the players physically, ultimately improving their skills and knowledge of the game.

Coach James

Coach James has an extensive history of playing basketball ever since he was introduced to the sport at the age of 8. In 2008 he began coaching children at the grass roots level in schools and had a lot of success here as well. Hundreds of these children throughout the years have gone on to represent at County, Regional and National Level, with some even making it out to America to play in High School and College.

To see children start out in their school halls and grow up to adopt his passion for the sport and gain confidence and belief in themselves is really special.

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